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“For me, being involved in the community and civic engagement has always meant service to others. I grew up in a home where volunteerism and a strong work ethic were part of daily life. 
I seek solutions. I’m known to be a collaborative servant leader.  I'm a successful small business owner and know what it takes to find solutions and get things done. As the current chair of the Palm Springs Human Rights Commission, I have six years of government experience navigating city hall. I want to work for you. I care about our community and I'm committed to advancing homelessness support, enhancing mental health services, advocating for small businesses and a robust tourism economy, providing accessible housing, and keeping our neighborhoods and streets safe.”
Safe Streets
  • Crime reduction is a top priority. Support solutions to lower crime and create safe neighborhoods for all.

  • Support new approach grounded in principles of harm reduction, public health, and racial justice when prosecuting drug offenders.

  • Advocate and support housing first initiatives to provide services and care to those who are unhoused.

  • Support efforts to increase mental health care services to aid those suffering from mental health instability.

  • Advocate for programs that offer housing combined with mental health and substance abuse services, job training, and financial counseling.

  • Support the Police and Fire Departments and other first response resources. Ensure we are appropriately responding to police and fire department needs and that we maintain safety equipment standards.

  • Align policing priorities and philosophy with community desires and expectations by:

    • Supporting the new police chief’s community policing initiatives.

    • Evaluating the way we fund our policing and mental health measures.

    • Provide mental health responders alongside or in place of law enforcement when appropriate. 

    • Funding programs and organizations providing mental health care and prioritizing mental health in the city’s work.

Economic Development & Tourism
  • The C.O.D. Palm Springs campus must be built! We must provide continuing education, technical assistance, and engagement opportunities for our youth and future workforce.

  • Tourism is a driving force and we need to invest in our tourist-based economy for the future. 

    • Support the enhancement and accessibility of our bike paths, hiking trails, and parks. Invest in beautification and opportunities for health, wellness, and relaxation.

    • Identify events that attract both residents and visitors, and that celebrate our unique Palm Springs.

    • Support the Arts Commission to present annual installations to attract cultural tourists and invigorate open space with public art.

  • Support programs to help small and locally owned businesses build capacity. The Palm Springs brand is driven by our small business community which includes retail shops, restaurants, and attractions. By creating jobs, providing goods and services, and facilitating commerce, they are the backbone of our economy 

    • Ensure local and diverse owned businesses have the opportunity to participate in all city purchasing.

    • Support creating public and private sector jobs that permanently lift the working poor out of poverty and enforce prevailing wage laws.

  • Advocate for inclusionary housing development to create housing opportunities for low-income earners, young people, and seniors.

    • Support efforts to keep people from falling into homelessness by reducing the number of people who are rent-burdened.

  • Protect the walkability of our neighborhoods and business centers while preserving our land, natural resources, and maintaining open spaces. 

  • Support long-term pavement management.

  • A digital future for all. Support high-quality internet connectivity for all persons regardless of income level, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, or age.

  • Advance Palm Springs as a sustainability leader. Promote the sustainable and affordable use of materials, energy, land, water, air, and other natural resources to enhance the long-term livability of our community for all residents regardless of socio-economic position.

Public Health and the Pandemic

Feeling safe in our city includes having safe streets and being protected by the public health decisions of elected officials. Covid-19 took a tremendous toll on our city. In decision-making, I rely heavily on trusting science and data. As we learn to live with COVID supporting local business owners, essential workers, and healthcare workers must be a priority.  Forward planning and creating solutions with business owners is required as public health is prioritized for residents, visitors, and our workforce.
While we are a caring city and prioritize public health for our residents, in times of crisis, we must prioritize supporting our local business owners as they recover economically.

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