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January 18, 2022

deHarte Running to Be Next District 3 Councilmember

After serving our community for eleven years, I’m excited to announce that I’m running for the Palm Springs City Council, District 3 seat. I have filed with the city clerk a formal intention to serve the residents of Palm Springs. 


I’m starting my campaign in the community because I care about our hometown’s vitality and livability. As a small business owner, gay, Hispanic, father of two, I embrace our small town atmosphere and want to keep our city a great place to live, work, and visit


I’m running because I am a resident who cares about keeping Palm Springs unique and believes we can have safe streets, sound economic development, a robust tourism economy, and accessible housing while being a leader in sustainability.  I value vibrant and walkable neighborhoods and feel it is important that we protect our unique open spaces and parks while making them accessible to all regardless of age, abilities, and disabilities. 


My service and civic engagement include serving the City as chair of the Palm Springs Human Rights Commission and being an active member of the City of Palm Springs Police Chief’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee. I’ve seen the struggles of homelessness, the need for mental health services, and the commitment needed to advance racial justice and ensure our streets are safe. I’m proud my candidacy is endorsed by the Palm Springs Police Officers Association and retired police chief Brian Reyes.


I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the interests and contributions of the downtown and uptown business community through my service on the City of Palm Springs Business Transition & Re-entry Task Force and as a member of Main Street Palm Springs, the local Downtown and Uptown Palm Springs Business Association. I’m very proud to have earned endorsements from business owners including Jerry Keller, Joy Brown Meredith (founder Crystal Fantasy), Tony Marchese, Willie Rhine, Harold Matzner, Jennifer Seymour, and many more. They have all seen my work in the community and my drive to be inclusive and promote Palm Springs as a diverse cultural tourism destination.


I am running for Palm Springs City Council to protect the quality of life and provide leadership in the decision-making process that will benefit the district and the city as a whole. Today, after fifteen years of volunteer service focused on international human rights, I’m ready, prepared, and eager to work for the residents of District 3 as their City Council representative. 


My service to the community shows I’m committed to doing the right job for the right reasons. The next ten months will be a time for you to get to know me and for me to hear what’s important to you.


I’m not a politician and I don’t have a special interest agenda. I do believe that effective government leadership reflects the people it serves. People like business leaders Gail Christian and Lucy deBardelaben, former city commissioners like Denise Chappell, Al Jones, and Les Young, faith leaders like Rev Benita Ramsey, and Rabbi Lazar, those who have lived in Palm Springs for decades, and the hundreds who moved here during COVID like filmmakers Emrhys Cooper and Donal Brophy. I’m proud to have earned early endorsements from each of these community members. These people and all of you make Palm Springs the city we all love. Together we can balance the character of our city with the needs of its residents and workforce. 


I’m reaching out to you, my friends, neighbors, and community leaders, to ask for your endorsement, financial support, and volunteer support.  I’m proud to have earned the early support of community leaders including Timothy Woods, Palm Springs Unified School Boardmember, Dr. Les Zendle, Desert Healthcare District President, and civic leaders Ginny Foat, J.R. Roberts, and former mayor Ron Oden.


I bring diverse skills, perspectives, and proven leadership to the city council and the community. I’m committed to working hard, having a voice at the table, and being an effective council member for you.


Thank you.

Ron deHarte - Palm Springs City Council

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